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Who we are

Established based on wealth of experience in shipping and freight forwarding, Grand Arabia commits to offer high level of customer oriented services in the industry.We closely and carefully study your need, as we adopt all our resources to get the job done for you.Our commitment to Grand Arabia’s core values has enabled us to grow and reach out for new markets with our competitive services

Our Mission

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Being distinguished with fast, accurate, and goal-achieving freight forwarding services and procedures, Grand Arabia functions
To assure clients total customer satisfaction through Adopting new innovative solutions and systems utilizing all available resources, adding more value to each individual client

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Our Vision

Through Rapid Adaptation to market development, our company’s vision is
to become the leading freight forwarding organization, specialized in serving our clients with comprehensive and professional services to meet their needs, in the Middle East, North Africa and extending to Europe and Asia.


Grand Arabia was founded based on extensive experience in shipping and freight forwarding. With the goal of becoming one of the top freight forwarding organizations, Grand Arabia is committed to providing high-level, customer-oriented services in the industry. We specialize in providing our clients with comprehensive and expert services to meet their needs in the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond Europe and Asia.

I am proud of the Grand Arabia team since we have jointly reached some of our big goals, and we still have the drive to do even more. We strongly believe that "Fortune Favors the Bold."

Grand Arabia’s experience in ocean, land, and air transportation, project management, and shipping services distinguishes us in the local and regional markets. We are recognized for our quick, accurate, adaptable, and goal-achieving freight forwarding services and procedures.
As long as Grand Arabia is your partner, you can put your trust in (GRAND - Goal Achiever, Reliable, Accurate, New Ideas, Delivers) even in the most difficult of circumstances.
Thank you to our partners, service providers, staff, and clients for placing their trust in us. We will do everything in our power to live up to your expectations.


Marwan Oweiss

Business Team
Our Values

الاحترام  Respect

الجودة في الخدمة  Quality

خدمة العملاء  Client Focus and Service

المصداقية والنزاهة  Reliability and Integrity


Market Experience

Our sales team has vast experience in market requirements for all commercial sectors. They lead our customers to the best and most efficient way to handle their shipments.

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